Short Shorts

A desolate hospital. An unorthodox surgeon. The deadliest disease known to man. The cure is only the beginning of the story. “Remotion” appears in Splickety Prime 3.3, the September release from Splickety Publishing Group. It’s “Open heart surgery with popcorn.”

Prime 3.3 Cover

Haunted by dark memories and deep regret, two men face off in a shady pool hall. But can they find common ground? Or will enmity destroy their one shot at redemption? “One Shot” is the winner of the May 2013 Special Contest edition of Splickety Magazine and the recipient of Splickety’s Best Flash Fiction of 2013 award at the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writer’s Conference. Thanks to Susan May Warren at My Book Therapy and Ben and Andrew at Splickety Magazine


For some women, Germany’s Wienhausen convent offers the secrets of faith and redemption. For others, it’s a last resort. But when a nun’s cloistered cell hides more than old memories, grace becomes the most shocking gift of all. “A Habit of Mercy” can be found in Gaslight, part of The Golden Light Anthology Series.


You can find my short story “‘Til Forever” at The Write Conversation and UFCW. Thanks to Edie Melson and Vonda Skelton for selecting it and for all of their encouragement.


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