About Me

Tim Knopp is a superhero English teacher by day and writer of Christian fiction by night. When he’s not grading research papers in a cape or planning his next AP project on the peak of a medieval cathedral, he’s patiently fishing words from the air for his next writing project. His love of words and his love of The Word are driving forces for his work.

He loves walking through the woods with his beautiful wife and daughter, playing basketball badly with friends, reading an eclectic blend of classic literature and modern junk food, and writing about his exploits in third person. Special thanks to the Catawba Valley Christian Writers group.

Check out his work in Gaslight available through Barnes & Noble or Amazon.com (Chamberton Publishing 2012), Splickety Magazine’s 2013 contest issue, Splickety Prime 3.3, or The Write Conversation (2011 Upstate Fellowship of Christian Writers’ Flash Fiction contest).

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One thought on “About Me

  1. We personally know Tim well and proud how he lives his life as an example to others. Never know who maybe watching and learning or the one who may benefit from his life and writings. When you care what you teach,and write, it isn’t by choice but by an appointed obligation. He and Shannon, his wife show their support for each other and in my opinion, is a blessing in watching them grow.

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