Manly Month

Image courtesy of Salvatore vuono /

Image courtesy of Salvatore vuono /

Tomorrow is Flag Day AND Blood Donor Day, two holidays that just scream “Manly.” I don’t know how many men are like me, but I can’t remember dates to save my life. Because of this, the holidays I’d like to enjoy often skate by without me even knowing. To help my male readers (yes, both of you) and to entice ladies to share with the men in their lives, here’s a look at all the manly holidays in June. Thanks Edie for compiling a helpful list.

16 – Father’s Day (Nothing’s more manly than being a dad.)

18 – Couch Potato Day (No joke. I wouldn’t not make this up.)

20 – American Eagle Day (We’re talking bald eagles here, not overpriced clothing.)

21 – Take Your Dog to Work Day (Man’s best friend at the job site? Yes, please.)

24 – Fairy Day (How’d that get in there? Fairies are sneaky; I don’t trust ‘em.)

25 – National Catfish Day (It’s only manly if you catch it noodling.)

28 – Paul Bunyan Day (I may celebrate by buying an ax… or an ox. Can’t decide.)

30 – Log Cabin Day (Good thing I got that ax.)

So there it is. A few manly days to celebrate in a manly way. Celebrate one or all of them, except Fairy Day. Those evil sprites better watch their backs… somebody wants their manly baby teeth back.


3 thoughts on “Manly Month

  1. Paul Bunyan Day makes me want to buy paper towels & Log Cabin Day reminds me of imitation maple syrup. Who says advertising doesn’t work? I’ll make sure my son understands these things better than I.

  2. Manly, yes but I like them to ( old commercial from Irsh Spring bath soap) good godly men are what women are looking for. (God too)

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